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Thread: Club position on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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    Default Club position on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Given the current situation with Covid 19

    EPIC MTB are cancelling all club activities untill further notice, this includes all club rides and associated activities.
    We advise all club members to follow Public Health advise to protect your families, friends and communities..


    Club position on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Cycling Ireland Update on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    update below
    Cycling Ireland Statement - Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updated
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    Thanks Terence.
    Love the last bit.
    Going to be tricky cleaning all those trees in leadmines too[emoji848]
    If only Byrner was here now

    Cycling Etiquette
    For those cycling in groups over the coming weeks it is advised that you refrain from sharing drinking bottles or food under any circumstances and refrain from spitting out of respect for your fellow cyclists. In addition, some simple control measures include:

    Wash your hands properly and often
    Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough and sneeze
    Put used tissues into a bin and wash your hands
    Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
    Avoid close contact with people who are not well

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    Does that mean no more snot rockets? [emoji2960]

    "Hold up lads, I need to stop to take my hanky out to blow my nose"

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    Saw a group of lads in Knockree last Sunday wearing full face helmets and N95 masks. Club spins sorted [emoji23]

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    Cycling Ireland Statement - Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updated

    Following on from yesterday’s Government announcement in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19), Cycling Ireland announced that all Cycling Ireland approved events are to be cancelled with immediate effect until and including March 29th.

    In addition to the events cancellation, Cycling Ireland further advises all affiliated clubs to cancel all club training rides and club events until and including 29th March. Members are encouraged to cycle individually and not in groups. Members Cycling Ireland insurance is not altered.

    As per the guidance issued by the public health authorities, clubs and club members should take precautions against the spread of COVID-19 such as:

    regular hand washing
    be aware of social distancing
    exercising proper cough and sneeze etiquette.

    Cycling Ireland is encouraging all members to continue to follow the guidelines which have been provided by the public health authorities

    Cycling Ireland will continue to closely monitor advice from the Public Health teams on the island of Ireland and issue further statements if necessary.

    Be safe and look out for those closest to you.


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