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Thread: 26 inch tubeless tyre

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    Default 26 inch tubeless tyre

    Remember 26 tyres??? Anyone??? If anyone has one or two in their sheds and they are no worn out and/or holy Id love to hear from you please.

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    I probably have a few somewhere in storage, if I cant find any over the next few days I have a 26" Anthem xs that runs tubeless tyres, your more than welcome to use the tyres, wheels, complete bike or whatever ya need off it for as long as you want.

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    Hi Gary, many thanks for the offer. I’ve been very kindly given two s continental x-King’s that had been very lightly used by one very careful Epic member with a beard. I’m sure given said gentlemen they will mostly have seen tarmac and never been abused :-) ..... they are in great nick and both I and Darragh are very grateful.

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