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Thread: Last of the cx (2019)

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    So Belmont tomorrow and true to form itíll be a cold one. Robin promised that there would not be much climbing - well not as much as last week. Paul, Colm, myself In the Aís. I imagine Doris will be leading the charge. Anyone else out?

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    Me, looking forward to a new course. Wrecked after moving house so glad it's not GAP!

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    Good crew out for the last round of the Suprcross cx yesterday. A new venue and new course in Belmont. Nice mix of open field, trail and natural bits. Brendan had a stormer of a race to take first. Mick and Terry were on the podium again in their respective categories.
    Disappointed with my own race. I had a good start and was settling in nicely when I dropped the chain whereupon it got well and truly jammed. Lost 3 minutes and all momentum. Spent the rest of the ‘race’ focusing on the technical sections and holding on the wheels of better riders for as long as I could.

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    You weren't helped either Dave by that messy pitstop! I was also disappointed in how i rode a course that should have suited but that I still managed to make a mess of. Break now till jan 5th. Time for some mtbing!

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    Wasn't my day either; got there too late to warm up on the rollers, started in the wrong gear then died a thousands deaths on the course. Didn't realise how tired I was until the race started and I went backwards.

    Loved the course, got plenty of cheers/abuse which made me laugh and kept me going. Done and dusted until next season.

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