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    Heading up to old castle on Sunday for a fix of cx. Anyone want a lift? Planing on leaving Dundrum at 10. Get there for the practice before the b race.

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    Congratulations to Doris and Bren for making the podium. Terry and Mick both looked like they had good races - not sure where they ended up. The conditions were varied, i.e. soft, squelchy, muddy, and quagmire .

    Probably the worst performance I’ve had in a few years but I learnt loads (sometimes it’s better to run!).

    Back for more next week.

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    Well done to John and Brendan, both flying!
    It was quite the struggle in the mud

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    Big shout out to Oldcastle CC for their event the Cross of Kells First round of Leinster League done and mucked not able to say dusted
    Tough course after a week of heavy rain ,top class organising ,course lay out and marking with challenging, twisting turning on the grass sections, tricky up and down rooty in the trees something for everybody to test their skills

    Some great results from Club Members Brendan third in under 16,Natilie 6th in Ladies, in B race Mick 7th, Myself 11th,Emmet down for 2 laps in his second race end of first lap running well inside top 10, in A race the epic charge lead by Doris 1st M50 9th ,Paul 13t, Colm 18th, Nial and Dave 33,34 a second apart
    Results here

    My race manged to get around first lap about top 20 then just kept mucking away to take positions back
    Most important always learn something
    like it was a great idea to get studs onto the shoes really payed off yesterday
    having friends big thanks to Richard Conroy who kept me going with a clean bike every half lap what a game changer using 2 bike nearly feels like cheating thanks not sure I would have had the energy to have kept going with a mucked up bike
    would say there is a world shortage of rear mech ,hangers, bike washers this morning

    So now resting to get into the zone for next Sundays Round 2 of the cross of Kells
    Sign on now open and event not to be missed
    https://cyclingirelandgomembership.a...O27pN4yvtu_tA0[0]=68.ARC1mNnRKCriQx4VU9M1nKXUsseJNe09nFBDbPB-ajZzjoDkjlvxK2nhlUhyssrVW8pK07bjshkZjvznW0KkTTMQM-gdnUXVbvL7FtvMTosLF4jqYpUUMqDuyC9wvlyWa67SmTHUs6ve Jg4g1eza-A_7X3eBaj-QxJACy1Cfl-He-K7T2lHKcbFLzt6WtionuOuubD4pQT-wx_hKpuHgG_aLcfkjSlzuGe2H2AVeY8geVneR_5iba2jvmOiSF 8d01cNk2N_2OnaSGMVAXdyHfXJvxIoMvDgA67RVkWagzV9Metk 6pTa41AG7_uGdEsQSG63EaHxlBKX8Wg4yl36DmwPrxZEFuXuCL LWir0ybd0j4t-Ub4tZ1tA


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    Challenging indeed, ground to a halt about a third of a lap in. Stopped 2/3 times per lap to lighten the load after finding a pokey stick in the woods. Rookie mistake leaving bike #2 at home but managed to look after the bike I did bring and kept the rear mech on so happy with that.

    Well done to everyone who made it around!

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    Well done Brendan, a very tough day and a second bike was needed. I'll have it ready next time!


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