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Thread: Suffercross round 2 Tymon Park

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    Default Suffercross round 2 Tymon Park

    What a course! Loved it, well apart from the running bits but they're almost forgotten now. Glad for the big old steel spikes in the shoes. Great support, kids on the hill suggested I endo down it, will leave that to Brendan. Did manage a sideways slide to keep them entertained.

    Loads of us from the club, no idea what the results were as was too busy having fun and skipping the coffee queue to avoid Gary's lurgy. Well done all!

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    The weather on Sunday was fab, and WORCís course had a bit of everything - techie hills with off camber turns at the spectator area, a couple of forests, an optional lake / run off area, and a good mix of fast grass and tight turns. I was liking the course after the practice lap. Then on the second lap the tape changed and a whole new section opened up - a long mud infested forest. Slip and slop. In the B race we walked/ran through on the first two laps - it was like pedaling on ice.
    I enjoyed it but definitely room for improvement - both fitness and ice skating technique. I need to get some of Natalieís spikes for the shoes too, and maybe tyres if Iím doing these as winter descends. Great fun though. Just need to get faster.
    Big crew out - BrendanC, TerryO, DOK, Glenn, Emmet in the B/U16. Mick won B50 - thatís the only result I got. Natalie on her own in the ladies - well placed. I couldnít stay for the A race - Doris and ColmMc were doing well. NiallQ and StephenP up there too. Iím sure Iíve missed a few.

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    It was a great day for it alright, course was really nice, muddy bits, techy bits etc.... Got stuck in the bunch on lap 1, there were nice orderly queues for getting through some bottleneck parts of the course! By lap two it was nicely spread out...I was feeling it though... Fitness wake up call trying to get around that course all out...Was like cycling in treacle... Starting my last lap I burped a tyre badly, lost pretty much all my air and tyre came away from rim... Had to retire but at least got in 3 of 4 laps... Still enjoyed the day and looking forward to next one. Well done to everyone who competed and to anyone who placed.

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    Great to be back in Tymon, a great combination of sections. Mud was not at all as bad a expected. Big B field. I was happy out with my race. Got around rode most of what I’d planned to ride. Keith, toe spikes are the business as Nathalie said. In the sloppy forest it was a great help. Aided hugely in some sneaky overtaking only to get overtaken again in the field. But hey, they had to work a little harder for it. Speaking of working harder I’ve started training now, so as long as I keep at it 2020 will be all mine :-))))). I have now done one nights training. I’m on a roll!


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