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    Big turnout by the club today at the first round of the supercross. Loads going in the bs ( mick, Niall, Muiris, Keith, Donough, and Andy - anyone else?) and a few in the As (Steve P, Dorris and myself). Natalie went very well in the women’s race.

    Dorris was flying the flag at the pointy end of the race and seemed to be having loads of fun on a slippy course taking the win in M50 by 2 minutes. Weather was kind to us - dry and warm. I had a steady race, did not get lapped (result :-)). Struggled on some of the faster corners. Loads to work on - as ever :-)

    Edit to original post - Congrats to Colm O'Byrne, a recently joined member of the club who took the win in the B race. Apologies for not listing you in the original post... and welcome to the As :-)
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    Well done everyone. That was a shock to the system after a month of taking it easy on the bike. Course was fun, loads of grip for us before the never ending train of B racers. Spent most of the race trying to remember how to use the gears on my new bike.

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    Great encouragement (no abuse) on the course today, no rain and actually warm. All in all great craic. Well done WORC.

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    Really enjoyed today’s race despite having to pit in the first lap and change a wheel having rolled a Tyre off, the curse for for not being properly prepared and being a fat ass :-). Anyway got going, kept it steady though my HR said otherwise, never got to that grim dizzy phase. Great to see all the Epic people out. Roll out on the next race!

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    Really enjoyed that, forgot how much fun CX was. So much overtaking to distract from the pain. I think there was 130 in the B race, madness. Well done to Mick as well, 2nd in the aul fella category in the B’s.

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    Epic club member Colm O’Byrne winning B under the radar a little? Well done Colm!! Don’t know about those As, former winners stuck in B to win the series .....

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    Great course from WORC as always. Need to work on my straightline speed, and remounting. Maybe some coaching from BrendanC? No rain during races, no mud, big grid - what more could you ask for! Caroline, Oz, Erica, Gary, Tara, Sarah .. where were you?
    Next in the series is Tymon Park on Sun week - entries open


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