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Thread: BIKE STOLEN - Trek Fuel EX 8

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    Default BIKE STOLEN - Trek Fuel EX 8

    Stolen Bike
    My Trek Fuel Ex Mountain BIke was taken at some time today from my building. It was double locked and in a access restricted area. I am awaiting CCTV.
    It was stolen from Donnybrook.
    Until then I would appreciate if all you MTB heads could keep and eye out if shows up. Please share with your mates etc.
    She has a few miles on the clock but still did that job, I'd like to get it back.

    Stolen Bike.jpg

    Stolen Bike.jpg
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    Sorry to hear will keep an eye out

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    Cheers Caroline,

    I don't expect to get it back but I feel like putting the word out makes me feel better about it.


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