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Thread: EPIC Forum - SPM issues / Update

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    Exclamation EPIC Forum - SPM issues / Update


    No doubt you ahve all noticed the influx of SPAM in recent days, Graham has done stellar work addressing these.

    For a long term soloution I will be running a major update to the forum, I aim to keep downtime to a minimum. You should notie no real change to your experence apart from things working a bit quicker.

    Tapatalk users will also get an update int he coming days.

    If you are having an issues feel free to reply below or contact me directly.


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    After a breif issue and then being distracted by my actual day job the forum is now updated to latest version and running the latest security patches. This should sold most of the spam issues and improve preformace of the forum.

    If you are having any issues let me know.


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    Thanks a million Adrian. I'm disappointed I won't be getting anymore 'sexy legs' videos, but I'm sure Mr Dardis will keep us entertained with his stories :)

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    Thanks Aidrian and Graham for doing the updating appreciated

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    Well done boys, only so much viagra I can buy online

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