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Thread: Psycle xc mtb marathon event Castlewellen forest Sat 24th August

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    Default Psycle xc mtb marathon event Castlewellen forest Sat 24th August

    Anybody else going to enter this? Was a great event two years ago when a good gang went up, I will do the 8hr either solo or maybe the 8hr pair.

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    Yep doing 8 hour solo

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    Thinking about doing the 8 hour solo too, but will see how the Cooley goes first.

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    I'm interested in this. I'll have to figure out what category to do

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    I'm interested in this also, again no idea what cat, if I can make the Cooley next weekend I'll decide after that I'd say.

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    For what I remember no age categories, just solo, pairs,mixed pairs, 4hr 8hr 24hr. I will either do the 8 hour solo or if I can find a partner the 8hr pairs.

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    I might do this but id only do the new 4 hours solo they offer to test the water. Not sure im mad keen on being much longer on the bike than that

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    Entries Close
    Wednesday 21st August 2019
    Details here
    Anybody looking team up ? in 8 or 24? James Latimore looking for another for the 8
    I will be doing the 8

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    Goodluck to anybody who took the spin up to Castlewellan, hope the weather and trails are good to u.

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    Congratulations on the win to club member Gareth Robinson riding with Ryan Paetzold as “The Dastardly Duo” in the Psycle 24 hour pairs fantastic achievement lads enjoy the rest well deserved and go easy on the beer


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