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    Well done Colm O'B on the win! Thanks to Gar, Rich and Sarah for the timing. Unfortunately the laptop had a bit of a melt down, managed to get it re started, and it took a few numbers but it was having none of it tonight. It was probably too hot :) ill delete everything on it and get it sorted for the champs next week. Sorry you had to go through all that laptop stress Rich, its normally very simple! Most people have their garmins so will still have lap times, and we had the back up numbers, so the placings are all correct.....well i should really bump myself up because i started with Terry nips, but whats a few points between friends. Was a great night to race, barely held onto terry for a lap or 2 and then blew a gasket, got my fastest lap time ever....but cant say what it is in case the robot gets word of it ha ha

    Results here:
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