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Thread: Coillte to convert nine forests in Dublin Mountains to recreational use

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    Default Coillte to convert nine forests in Dublin Mountains to recreational use

    Maybe clear felling is coming to an end around here. Definitely good news. Extracts below from the Irish Times. You might recognize one or two of the forest names.

    Nine commercial forests in the Dublin Mountains will be converted to primarily recreational and biodiversity use under the first project for Coillte-Nature, a new not-for-profit wing of State forestry company Coillte.

    The nine forests – Ticknock, Barnaslignan, Carrigolligan, Kilmashogue, Ballyedmonduff, Massey’s Wood, Hell Fire, Cruagh and Tibradden – are currently managed as commercial forests for the supply of timber, but already attract high numbers of visitors.

    Funding will partly come from the three Dublin local authorities and grants for native woodland conversion from the Department of Agriculture.

    The conversion to official recreational use means the nine forests will gradually move to continuous cover forestry, which will see the removal of commercial species and introduction of non-commercial native tree species in some areas. This may involve “limited” clear-felling as well as natural regeneration.

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    Great that they may remove commercial trees to replace with native
    Native trees accommodate wildlife l. Insect life etc but the commercial trees dont

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    So after the 9 forest have being cleared felled the cash collected for the product the wilderness will be let return to nature suppose the last clear felling of Hellfire is a good example of what to expect, has all the sounds of what Board the Mona say after they have cut all the bog away then tell us how great a job they are doing with the left overs

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    Aren't native forests a pain in the hoop for trail building / maintenance? I believe they overgrow fairly quickly with quite dense undergrowth stuff. Nothing beats a lovely loamy pine forest for a ride. Great news nonetheless!

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    Thanks Graham, survey completed 🚴*♀️🚴*♀️

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