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    RTE program this evening on Lyme disease. Caused by ticks biting you and passing on the virus. They recommend bring well covered at all times when in the woods.
    It's a disease that's pretty devastating if you get it. It attacks the neurological systems and can be managed but not curable. It is debilitating and devastating disease if left undiagnosed and untreated and doctors here aren't good at identifying it as the cause behind illnesses

    Ticks are prevalent in most of the countryside and especially in areas of deer population and dense foliage.
    Ticks sit on the underside of leaves waiting to brush against a passing animal
    In summer when we are tempted to wear less clothes, remember we are at high risk of bites due to our sport.

    Kids should wear long sleeves and trousers and should be checked after being in the woods. If you are bitten by a tick, you often get a bulls eye type mark around the bite but not always
    The tick needs to be on you for 12 hours before the virus passes to you, so check when you get home

    Last year I got such bite and bullseye mark on my arm in the leadmines during a club race

    The ticks that are the highest risk type are very small perhaps 2 mm in size so easily missed.

    If in any doubt, go to your gp asap and get bloods done and a course of antibiotics.
    If you are found to have it, one course of antibiotics won't cure it. You will have to go on a life time of disease management and the sooner you act, the better chance of minimising the impact.

    Keep an eye on any bites you get and perhaps stay more covered up to avoid getting bitten and check for ticks after each spin.


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    Thanks Robert. Good summary.

    I see itís up on RT… Player for the next 30 days -


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