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Thread: Cooley Thriller Sat 10th Aug 2019

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    Yes, all paid, enjoy

    Quote Originally Posted by Alzer View Post
    Cheers, thanks Brian. Have you already paid?

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    2kgs in a week, impressive gains!
    My bike is now about 2kg lighter after removing the DH tyres. Might regret that decision after an hour in the rain.

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    Great day racing. Results to follow. The climb to the mast was steady but nobody working together. After that the ground was very wet and rocks were slippy. forged ahead with Brian Melia and kept it steady. Big thanks to Johnny mc Cabe and helpers who did a fantastic job. Had a massive big bag of chips after followed by a bottle of wine tonight which helped recovery.That's the race report.

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    Nice one dorris. Any results?
    Less Traction = More Action

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    Yes, great job by CuChulainn. Very well organised and brilliant day out on the bike. Carlingford missed the worst of the mad rain around the country. Course was full of wet and mud. I'd a great time bashing through water that you weren't sure if it was gonna swallow you up. Managed to stay on bike for the whole thing, a first for the cooley. Snapped a chain descending from the mast. Only realised it was back up the hill somewhere when reached the bottom. Bit of hiking to find it. A beautiful clean break, only needed the link popped in. Loads of epic heads at the race, couldn't stick around to chat. Thanks Rob, I got to use your entry

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    Well that was a mad day, started off good and steady picked off a fair few on the climb to the mast, was joined by Colm on the first bit of techy stuff when that biblical few mins of rain came, glasses were fogging up and a big dollop of mud blocked my vision and when I went to take them offi hit a rut and before I knew it the hardtail bucked me and in trying to correct it I got the saddle straight into the n#tsi never really got going again after that, spent half the course topping up the tyre with canisters instead of doing the sensible thing and sticking a tube in. Soon got sick of that stopping and starting and rode the wheel on a nearly flat tyre including that normally brilliant decent. Stopped to give assistance to some lad who done a good job on his knee. Was surprised more peopledidnt need first aid given the sketchy conditions. Good day out in the unforgiving Cooleys.

    Big thanks to Johny McCabe and all the people who gave up there Saturday to stand out in bad conditions to assist us.
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    Any results or do we have to wait a week??
    Rigid Micky!! :)

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    Very provisional results. Terry 2nd or 3rd? (sorry Terry , I was a bit delirious at the presentation!), Chris was 3rd -Expert category (I have your prize) and I won the M50 (6th overall). I think that's it.

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    Well done lads.
    Less Traction = More Action

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    Another thriller done and dusted that's my 9th in a row an event not to be missed never fails to leave a smile on the face after you take of the mud and last sat there was plenty to remove

    Big shout out to Johnny and his super team of organisers for running the event regardless of the conditions
    Huge respect to all the riders who rode despite what was predicated to be an atrocious day that never came to pass especially for the last riders home at the 7 hour + mark

    Congrats to Natallie first Lady home on the short course ,John 1st m50, Chris 3th expert, myself 2nd m60 ,Paul,Dave,Emmet ,Colm P,Colm O'B,Garry,Ronan,Glen,Phillip everybody who finished was a winner

    See you all there again next year
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