Thanks to Mick, Oscar and Rob (and the girls) for timing duties. Congrats to.....ME on the win, AWESOME!!! I had a brilliant race with Ian (MAD), he had me on the climbs every lap, but mamaged to pull it out of the bag on the last lap.
Results here...73, 93 and 6 didnt get a second lap time because 6 and 17 (not naming names ha ha) forgot their number plates, and there was number shouting and a mix up. So please please remember your number plates, its not fair on those that bring them and then dont get a lap time.
Mr Robot, 117 was first time racing, missed some parts of the lap, so lap 5 is the one to use for handicap. Welcome to our new racers Jason, Elizabeth and Jenny!
Results here

PS: did i say i won!......yep i might just be gloating now, im screwed for next week anyway so i may aswell!