So today was the first day of 3 days racing in Girona Spain.
John Dorris , Colm McGarvey, Paul Caldwell and myself have travelled over for this 3 day stage race,
Today's stage was 53km 1300mt.
We lined up for a 10am start in glorious sunshine and a temp of around 18 deg,
As always the start was pretty fast with a semi controlled neutral car taking us through the streets of Girona, the lads managed to get a near enough front row start , my self was about mid pack so had to pick my way through a lot of traffic. But that didn't take to long.
There was a good 8km to 10km road section before we got the the single track by which time the field had spread out pretty nicely and I was able to settle in to the single track , and my God was it amazing it just went on and on for km after km , most of the climbs were short kickers but the descents were fantastic. It was so dry and dusty it took a bit of getting used to after 5 months of rain and snow back home.

I managed to get into a group of about 10 riders all of which were Spanish and knew the trails so I just followed , It was fine in the forests but out in the open the sun was scorching and you were glad to be back in the trees and on the flowing single track,it was a delight to ride, no major issues. Missed one flag and had to do a quick turn around. By the 40km mark I stopped again for water and lost the group I was in but I needed water and with tomorrows 83km 1700mt , I was trying to be mind full of the days ahead and I only lost 2 or 3 places anyway,

I finished in a group of 3 so happy to make it round in one piece,
Course was very well marked out lots of Marshall's and a few supporters out watching too.
Tough day but and felt shattered coming across the line. But a few oranges, a can of coke and some cake, and I was feeling good again ,
I'm sure the lads will write a little them selves about how they got on.

Results were
John Dorris P46 time of 2:39:18
Colm McGarvey P49. 2:39:25
Paul Caldwell P70. 2:44:03
Ben Breach P87. 2:47:53

John also got a podium spot of 2nd in M50
Well done John
And well done all ,

Tomorrow is pretty much the same 83km 1700mt , and your gridded where you finished today.
Looking forward to more single track. ( I think. )
Who am I kidding of course we are 😏😏

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