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Thread: EPIC MTB Introductory Spin ,Sat 8th March 2019

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    Default EPIC MTB Introductory Spin ,Sat 8th March 2019

    EPIC MTB Introductory Spin ,Sat 8th March 2019
    Tour of the Leadmines,Sclap area

    Meeting 9:30am at Our Lady of the Wayside N.S., Kilternan, Dublin 18!2i48?hl=en

    What to expect a mix of Trails be out for about 2.5 hours app.
    Spin suitable for all levels

    Here are some general guidelines:

    Be over 18 and have a reasonable fitness level.

    What will you need?

    A fully functioning MTB bike with working brakes and gears.
    Suitable clothing, a drink and food (energy, bar fruit)
    Spare tube, Tyre levers Pump, Multi tool,
    Rain Jacket depending on weather
    Change of clothes (optional but recommended)

    Any queries mail


    REMEMBER Mountain Biking is not without risks, you are responsible for your own personal safety...

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    C u there

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    yep - see you there

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    c u there dudes

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    Will be there

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    Awesome Terry the perfect antidote to last week's kilruddery mud fest, almost dusty dry up there! Some crack all the way round, you've a great knack of doubling the amount of trails in an area by just riding everything backwards forwards and every other way. Buzzing cheers folks!

    Max 186bpm btw
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    Wow, that was a climbing spin, the only descent I remember was the scalp at the end :) great to be back on these spins, Harri was handing out the ledge bags to everyone, but think he forgot to give himself harri....youre a ledge! Especially after all that air you got off the table top, stratospheric! Tara was flying, dropping Terry on the first climb, boom! hope new Alan comes back for more!
    Thanks T, see ya next week
    Oh Max HR 150bpm, Max speed 40.3 :-D

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    Well that was a grand work out for the upcoming league
    690 metres descending followed by 690 ascending at a gentle leisurely pace with a few chats in between, some speed out of Tara dropping all of us uphill must be spending to much time on turbo when Dave is out on a spin will definitely deserve a later start for league
    Thanks for a great day
    and yes the new Allan will be back for more

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    Thanks Terry, that was a lovely mix of trails. Had a few small falls and they were all while going uphill.
    Nothing serious.

    Was surprisingly dry in there.

    Everyone flying today. Seeing Caroline ride straight over the log without slowing down was impressive.

    Pity Allan wasnt able to do the spin. Please come back again.

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    Thanks Terry and crew. As Neville said - was a real antidote to the mud of last week! Was wrecked after that first climb so had nothing left in the tank then ! Great mix of trails - and great banter . Harri is definitely a ledge ! Kept us all entertained and gave some excellent tips and advice on getting up those tech climbs ! Strava says 875 metres of climbing - I'm going with that ! Great spin - loved it ! Thanks all. Oh- and deadly drop off the big rock by Oz !


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