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Thread: EPIC MTB Introductory Spin ,Sat 8th March 2019

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    That was great climby fun! Nice to get out on dry trails.... Great crew out, nice long 3 + hours soon...Harri was soaring through the air over the jumps - it was like he had a basket on the front of his bike with ET in it wrapped in a blanket and his name was really Elliott and he just took off and looked pretty cool against the moon. From my view anyway it looked like that.

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    Where's the rest of the top Trump heart rates and speed

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    Average heart rate134 = 81 % of Avg Max HR
    Max rate 195 = 118 % of Max HR
    max speed 45,

    And still talking

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    Thanks Terry great spin , ur leadmines spins are always a blast. Everyone was flying it & a big shout out to Harri for such great tips that reduced my dab quota by 1,000s today , cheers mr ! Till next time

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    Didnt have my garmin or heart rate monitor so no idea of my top trump scores. Thanks Alan im already looking forward
    to do that new trail & log again, got my adrenalin kick for the entire week from it ha ha !

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerenceO View Post
    Max rate 195 = 118 % of Max HR

    And still talking
    Fookin hell Terry that's not quite normal

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    Ok, you win Terry

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    great spin, - great fun Got some air time over JW's tabletop - nice! not much but great fun!
    the new rock drop Oz showed us made me quiver, i'm going to back to practice that a few times!
    legs are still hanging off me from last week - goes to show the effect racing has! ha ha!
    great fun

    thanks Terry - great route!


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