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Thread: K Cap Cup 2.0 Round 1 Kilruddery 3th March now open

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natalie G View Post
    Wash number 2 in the machine. So much cleaning. Glad the snow held off til now.

    Well done to everyone who made it round that course. In bits after that.
    Had to hose off the gear in the garden first ,
    Well done all on a very challenging course, not an easy ride for anyone

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    No garden, so had to rinse everything in a bucket to save the poor washing machine.

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    Hosed everything off then put everything in the bath and now it's all in the wash ! That was tough! I pretty much ran/ walked the whole middle section on lap 2! Well done to everyone - some effort !!

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    I'm still picking mud out of my eye

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    Had to house myself down in the garden! Tough day but glad I did it

    You would have only wasted the day of you stayed at home (Graham hand?)

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    Iz dont mind sprintin but I hate dat

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    That was a great race. So much fun. Had a great race with Timmons through most of it but no battle at the end as he stopped to get his stashed overshoes...bummer that.
    I forgot to put my race number like a nob so it was stealth mode for me. Doh. Well done to all who finished that race. Fcuk it was awesome!!

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    Man that was tough, Great course, crap weather, bit of trouble with my overshoes on lap one so threw them in the ditch, spent the next 2 lap trying to shake off John but he kept coming back the sh1te! Had to collect my oversized on lap 3 or I'd never see the again, would of loved to have raced you in John but tbh I think you had more in the tank anyway. Oh, Dave Meredith, sorry you got in my way at the start!!
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    Tough race on a really good course. Loved the tech stuf. Lots to focus on lap after lap. Legs are empty now! Elbows out Timmons. Well done to anyone who raced today, itíll stand to us come summer (I hope) :-)

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    Nice one all, sounded like good hard fun

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    Well done all who raced, would have been very easy to have stayed at home. Great course , pity about the rain. Up 3 rock on Friday and it was like summer. Well done WORC on a super course.Oh , i forgot to mention , Alfie tried to take me out , but i got to the finish first....only messing!


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