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Thread: Doris takes the win...

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    Default Doris takes the win...

    Came across this footage from a 2016 race

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    And Alfie, Johnny McCabe chatting further back

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    Classy win. Time for a hands off the bar celebration. The dream

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    Good man John! Sure we could have an entire forum with Doris wins.
    And he’s still in A3... how is that even possible??

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    Thanks Ronan, I've just worn out that video. Sweet moment and delighted to repeat that at the JP Nolan last year. Hopefully we'll get a few club members at the road races this year.

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    Thanks Ronan, got into a break with the A3's, then caught by the A1's and the pace doubled! Managed to attack again (from the main bunch)with 3 laps to go .Stayed away with a Lucan rider and came in behind the A1 lead group. Good start to the road racing.
    Next Saturday's race (Dunsany) is cancelled.


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