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Thread: Parking in Djouce

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    Default Parking in Djouce

    Just a word of warning

    Dry January + lots of walkers and bikers in Djouce = parking mayhem.

    There was a lot of irresponsible parking on the road outside of the lower car park, some goons blocked the gate to the farmers field.

    Long story short, he got upset and somehow picked my van (which was parked at the other end of the barn) and let the air out of one of the tyres. Perhaps he did it to more or gave out to people and they left, there was only mine and another van there when I finished the spin.

    Should've parked in Enniskerry but the weather was bad.... anyway, just that you know and can avoid the same fate!

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    It was chaos in Crone carpark also. Give it a couple of weeks and all the new years resolutions will be forgotten and we'll have the place to ourselves again!


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