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Thread: Best spin of 2018

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    Default Best spin of 2018

    Think my best spin was traversing the mournes with the lads
    Using a picture of a map on a phone screen and half an idea of where we wanted to go, felt like a proper adventure and the trails were incredible.

    Come on now lets hear them

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    Default Best spin of 2018

    For me - you canít beat the mid summer Open Mountain spin across the Dublin Wicklow border with a twist .... finished joining up with the Tuesday loop (ravens rock, Bag o cips and Knocksink).

    Great crew out from Epic and WORC that day. I had an over the bars when my front wheel disappeared into bog and I landed head 1st into comfy soft bog. Nice!

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    Has to be the non-stop run off Cammadery mid summer! straight 15min enduro heaven..

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    myself and Alfie went on a parent spin during the summer over to knocknagun (spelling???). it was such a great place. bone dry during the amazing summer we had. oh god this is depressing ������

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    So many... so hard to choose one but I think Comodoto in the Pyrenees has to be up there...

    Integral De Gallinero was also off the charts

    Trans Savoie and La Varda in the Alps was aslo amazing.
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    Missed the bike during the best summer in years but got a day of sunshine cycling around Torridon in September. 6 hours with an OS map, compass, no phone reception, swarms of midges and an hour of hike a bike. Beautiful part of the world.

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    The Tuesday loops were all great (dry, dusty and warm and did I mention dry.

    Cooley (despite going the wrong way).

    Spin with Terry over Knocknagun

    Roc Marathon (despite the mud).

    Looking forward to Tuesday evenings around Djouce in the new year...


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    6000m of descending in a day in France in the sunshine, followed by wine and pizza, happy days :)

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    All the Summer spins, we had around 25 bikers for the spin around Scarr... and then another great spin from Laragh... Dreaming of sunny dry dusty trails again!

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    what a summer - so many great Saturday spins - some Crone from Djouce spins were magic - couldn't walk after them with the bumps and bruises - but the laughing and the letting loose was nuts! some fun, everyone having a ball - they were magical ones!


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