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Thread: Suppercross Cup. Rd. 4

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    Cracker of a day and a course. I got to watch the women’s race (fantastically close racing for the series honors. Lara G put in a huge preformance and led the race by a mile from the start. Tara burped a tyre early on but ran to the pits where I got it back up. Needless to say that Tara was delighted!

    I warmed up/cheered on during the b race. Close racing all over the field. Not sure how things finished up; I think Mick did well.

    The a race was class (or at least it was from where I was). I had a great race with Vinny Fitz. Shoulder to shoulder stuff in places. He got a gap entering the technical section and finished a few seconds ahead. Deadly.

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    Tough course - lots of tight off-camber 180° turns and run-ups. Happy to have survived until the end. I take it back Caroline - running up that hill in Cherrywood with bike aloft was useful training after all. Impressive how the pros hopped the rear wheel right around for the switchback - something I need to learn.
    Fair play to Brendan running ¾ of a lap with the bike on his shoulder after a puncture. That’s determination to finish!

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    Great racing yesterday fantastic course up down left right go round and repeat over and over the head has just stop spinning around, great results from all now up online at
    Roll on next Sunday in Kilruddery

    PS I am sure the liquid manure I washed off the bike this morning will give me nice green grass next year

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    That was a fantastic course, it was cruelty though, I thought I might throw in the towel lots I was so banjaxed. It’s a strange combination of loving the challenge of the technical parts and the desperation of the run ups (for me), there seemed to be just enough recovery to keep you sucked in to go again. Only just mind you. Roll on Kill-muddery!! Darragh loved the kids racing again, found it tough too and was fairly exhausted by the end, I’ll have to up the protein shakes and weights program ��


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