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Thread: Supercross Cup R3 Greystones

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    Baltic! I was there at 3 for a great kids spooky course with my little one, a lot of hanging around in the freezing cold for my race at 7.30. Great to see Epic riders in all the races, we were well represented. It was my second A race, got lapped in our race last week so my aim was to try not let the big boys catch me. After hanging around in the cold it was hard to motivate myself but I had two good warm up laps just before the start and was ready for action! I rode steady for fear of blowing up and half way through the race I was catching a few riders, delighted that I managed to get all the laps in and not get lapped. No idea where I finished but I'm totes happy with my race, paced myself well and had the nicest coffee and cake afterwards. I'll sleep well tonight!
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    Oh, cheers to all who cheered me on, great to see RL shouting us on, it really helps even though I'm generally too fooked to react and say thanks!
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    great report Steve - too true - sorry to anyone who was shouting me on and I couldn't say thanks! Great to see Mr. R Lynch out cheering us all on

    course was challenging - difficult with the q's and walking in the first lap - but hey that's cyclocross - great fun with all the club - had a great time! couldn't believe the cold - the hail stones started coming down once I took my jacket off to get warmed up! hahahah!

    well done everyone.

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    Great event in a great course. Paul had a great ride in the A's coming 7th. Erica was 8th in the ladies. Baldy Mick took the honours in the B's. Good few epic heads showing their wares. Good bit of banter with Harri and Stevo while we were waiting. Dry but ****ing Baltic.
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    Great stuff all and a super race put on by WORC. Was'nt able to make it , due to a few warning shots over the bow of my bike!


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