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Thread: Orwell Cyclcross Race Nov 11th at the GAP

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    Tough race with 10 laps and Mick Jordan putting me under pressure. Thanks Orwell for a well organised race and the encouragement by fellow Epicturians. Fairly dry too.

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    Well done folks. Definitely more of a climber's course. Mick was motoring on his new whip. Never seen beardy Terry after the start.
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    Well run race with savage course shorts laps made for a lot of trips back up the hill to punish the body, had great battle with Lloyd Moore from Orwell in the M60s had advantage of 15 seconds at end of first lap which Lloyd whittled away at till he passed me at the boards on the last lap to stay ahead by 2 seconds to the line roll on next sunday for a rematch

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    Well done everyone. That was a tough race alright - I nearly cried when they said 7 laps. Thanks for the support - Mick especially who cycled alongside me up the grassy slope of horror and Terry hollering at the boards. As Oz said - definitely a climbers course.

    having said that - that's 2 cx in a row that I've managed to get a decent start - so happy with that part - just have to try to maintain that beyond 1 lap!!!

    Cycle home was soooo good - tootled all the way.

    Russborough next - and then I'm done.....

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    Great day for it. Great to see everyone there, and most of all everyone enjoying themselves. There was a smattering of Epic kids racing too, the Harrington and Meredith youth at least, maybe more. Smiles all round. My lad Darragh was stoked, though he wanted that U10 third place medal, just missed out with 4th, but I’m delighted to say it didn’t upset him too much. He’s loving it and can’t wait for Russborough. Despite giving my best I was lapped in B race. That hill while short was tough and for me real slow, with 42x32 it was a slog, but even on a good day and ‘fit’ dragging my ass up it would have been a real chore. But a great venue and a good course, maybe some more twisty turny sections and it would be better still! After the big climb up making the descent a little more technical and adding another he 90 seconds to the lap would have been great. That said huge thanks to all involved, it was very well run and very good.

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    my kids did a great job but not me; coughing the night before meant I had to skip the race. Izzie was first u-8 girl around which was great as she didn't want to take part - Dave Meredith gave her some good coaching advice which spurred her on 'Daddy will get you hot chocolate if you do the race' - thanks Dave it worked! Matthew was about 6th - both delighted and looking forward to Russborough - hopefully this stupid cough will be gone soon and I'll be back!

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    Sounds great, well done all, sorry to miss this. Back in action this weekend at Russborough for some sideways action!


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