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Thread: WTD - Dropper 31.6

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    Default WTD - Dropper 31.6

    Does anyone have a dropper they aren't using for sale, ideally 125m or more travel and extrnal routhing. I'm not against going at the frame if I get an internal routing one.

    Plesae reply below or DM.

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    I think the giant one I have at home ( brand new in box) is 31.6& 125mm. I’ll have a look tonight. Is that Adrian kulacki? Are u on Facebook or pm me ur number can send u pics of it

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    I'm different Adrian, I do EPIC's tech stuff on ocassion. I'll DM you my number.

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    Sorry it’s actually 30.9

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    I have one serviced and all. Ill pm you my number. Rockshox reverb 125mm. 31.6


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