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Thread: Supercross cup round 2 Grange castle

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    Default Supercross cup round 2 Grange castle

    reports people - I want to read 'em

    that was one tough race -- the speed on the tarmac section was bananas - I hit 41Km/hr. not bad for a slow guy, sliding across the gravel on the first turn was fun! nice course really enjoyed it great hanging out with the crew!

    after lap 2 I couldn't even breathe - I was ready to cut some gills into myself. flat to the mat!

    well done everyone.

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    First Cross race I actually enjoyed! Great course – so much fun but so fast. The steps at the back nearly killed me every lap – but they were not so slippy as last year. Love the middle section with all the ups and downs and round the trees. Had a great race with Natalie – she powered ahead of me at the last 100 metres – speed ! Caroline Murphy punctured and carried her bike for a half a lap and still managed to pass me out!! Some woman. Great numbers for the women’s race too. Well done everyone !

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    Great Day yesterday. I love the buzz at the races, so many familiar faces. I had a mixed bag of a race. got a puncture half way through the 1st lap. Ran with the bike back to the start line and then just kept running. I dont even know where I was running to because I didnt have a spare bike or wheel or even a pump at the pits. I was just hoping something miraculous would happen along the way......and it did! Gav gave me a lend of his bike so I jumped on and got going. That bike was amazing, so smooth. I just rode as fast as I could for as long as I could and passed a few bodies along the way. I am just glad I didnt stop and pull over. And all the mouting/dismounting/shouldering the bike we do at cx training just went out the window, not a bit of finesse was to be had! Well done everyone.

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    The man of the day award must go to Mr Enduro himself fantastic second place in the B race fantastic do or die skid into the first corner sitting on cross bar foot out putting up dust must have thought it was speedway biking congrats on your promotion to the A list Steve

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    My first ever cx race yesterday, I bought a 2nd hand bike about 5 weeks ago and I love it, can't believe how much fun they are! I've been training with John Fagan for a while and my form seemed good but never having raced one I didn't know how I'd do in the b race. I was mid pack off the line and knew i needed to get up the front as quickly as possible, the outside line on the gravel right hander was my choice, no one there but it was risky, I drifted around with my ass on the top tube and one leg out, a super move that pulled me up 20 places. I pulled another 10 by the time we got to the steps and I was in the top 10 after one lap, it took another lap to get the heart rate down, after that I started moving up through the field and with 2 laps to go I took the lead for a while but my new nemesis took it back with a lap to go and pulled a gap on me, I emptied the tank on the tech section and I came onto the tarmac finish just behind him, I tried to sprint by I was fecked, zero energy left! Delighted with second though and really enjoyed it, roll on the Epic CX!
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    What a move, nice work Stephen

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    Turned up not intending to race as I was feeling sorry for myself. Not so bad once I got on the bike. Close racing with Tara who is one to watch on the more techy courses.

    Specialized Crux from Santa Caroline? Must have been the tyres Gav borrowed from me. Some ride to come back from a mechanical.

    Changed days from my first outing at GC in 2011 I think where I was the only woman racing.
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    Well done Steve, obviously a cx natural !. Anyone heading up to Belfast for the UCI race at the weekend? After my race on sunday i need as much practice as I can get !

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    Great fun and good to see everyone. Roll on next race. Tempted to head to Belfast to support the event and do the support race. Must see if it would work. Course was so fast and dry, I thought that shower might have made things interesting, but no, there was tucks of grip. 35psi front and 40 rear and not a skid. Could have been very different racing with more water. Anyone else here find the far straight leading towards the substation particularly heavy, whatever is in that ground I always feel it hard pedaling. I liked the boards, a good spot for them. The run up is hard isn’t it, be tempted to go and hack a few more steps into it, not easy for those of smaller stature. Might be the dry weather but I thought everyone racing was going fairly well when compared to a few years back.

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    A special thought also for John Doris who gave the A race a thirty second head start only to rip through the field like he was on rails to overtake 40 riders and finish 22! Some racing John.


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