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Thread: Navan cyclocross ?

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    Default Navan cyclocross ?

    Anyone know if the Navan lads are running any cx races this year ? Can't see anything on their website.

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    Provisionally Sunday 14th October and Sunday 2nd December for Navan CX, I think they are awaiting confirmation from CI.

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    I like this. The only race I could actually cycle over to

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldy old git View Post
    Anyone know if the Navan lads are running any cx races this year ? Can't see anything on their website.
    On their Facebook page this evenin Mick

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    Great day out course in top class condition on a warm sunny day
    Epic podiums Erica 3th ladies race Brendan 3th under 16 and Paul an amazing 5th in the A race congrats to all

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    Well done all, great racing all round. Paul had a great race finishing 5th in a strong field, i reckon it was the football boots :) Bren was flying, bunny hopped the boards past me and didnt see him till the end. Oscar and donough were neck and neck for the whole race. Mick broke his chain right at the start, ran for a bit, got another bike and picked them off one by one. Terry, as always put in another fine performance. Lovely technical course, bit too much bumpey grass though, but quite dry even after all that rain. The best bit was standing at the top of the kicker shouting 'encouragement' at everyone with Paul , great craic altogether
    Next stop firhouse!

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    That was a great day out. Good racing, good craic and even a bit of warmth in the sun. Liked having the A race before the B. It meant there was more people watching the A and I got to enjoy the full B race. I had a good run out yesterday and was very happy for once. As Erica said, the craic on the ridge was 90 as we were heckling everyone and even singing happy birthday to a lucky few. Great watching the lads battle amongst themselves and how it varied from lap to lap. Mick got the ride of the day passing approx. 4,000 people after coming from the back. And when I grow up I want to be as cool as Terry the Beard!

    See you next week for more shenanigans

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    Yeah, great day out. Weather was class after such a crap day on saturday and the course was riding fine. Didn't start too well for me though, lasting about 200 metres before breaking my chain. Was already planning on a coffee and some spectating when Erica kindly offered me the loan of her bike which I gratefully accepted and then took off in pursuit of everyone. A big thanks to Erica !. The support/slagging from the gang on the ridge was class and kept me going. Well done to Paul, Erica and Brendan on super results. Roll on next week.

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    What a great day out... sun was shining and the course was riding great. Races got off to a great start with Brendan on the podium and Paul having a great ride in the A's (despite riding in his 5-a-side shoes). Erica was third in the ladeez having a great start to the CX season. Myself, The Beard, DOK and Micko hit the B race with The Beard taking the honours. Myself and DOK had a great battle while Micko was gaining ground all the time after stopping to fix his hair. There's another race there in Dec... ill defo be back.
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    Warm day for cyclocross, the sweat was running off me.... along with hopefully some lard. I’ve not burst a gut like this hat in ages, not since the club league way back whenever. The course was riding well in the open which perhaps made the bit under the trees more tricky as it was damp,on roots. I think the bumps are gradually being smoothened out, each year getting less rutty, by 2025 it’ll be pan flat. It’s a fun circuit they have. I dropped the chain near the start (nearly dropped my breakfast and lunch several times during), but got back going and tore on as best I could. By the end I was completely done. Had some craic with Oscar, managed to be lucky in getting slower riders between me and him here and there. Erica was mightily confused shouting at all and sundry from the top of the ridge :-) great encouragement, couldn’t falter on that section with all that encouragement, along with Richard and Brendan.... it killed me to refuse the beer handups... that’s new for me. Belgium Leffes and all... a whole wheelbarrow of them! December might be fancy dress time... burp. Yesterday if I’d tried to take one I’d have just collapsed into the thick grass.


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