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Thread: Sat Spin 9-30 Trooperstown Wood Car Park

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    Great spin unfortunately I had to cut it short after my rear mech went into crazy mode and started to change gears all by itself...I thought it was somehow gaining an intelligence of its own which would eventually end in world domination, but then again the gears it was choosing were shit ones so it was so pretty dumb even if it was thinking by itself. Then I remembered only a few minutes previously that the rear mech ended up getting stuck in my spokes after clipping a rock or something. So it must have been that.
    Brought it to my local bike shop - new cassette and chain required... And since that is half way to a 1x conversion I said I may as well get the works done.... So I'll be finally off the 2x😬
    Must be said I consulted Harri's excellent 1x XT review to help with the specs!

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    what a fantastic spin, time seemed to fly by I was feeling pretty good, and it was a wake-up call with the rain and cold! I thought I would have had too many layers on - but no! Caroline was flying I was way ahead on a climb and suddenly she over took me like I was standing still.
    Dropping on to the top tube on a road descent seems to aid the speed. Some of the descents today were just magical! so much speed and slipping and sliding - what fun.

    Got home and Matthew was crying to go back up 3Rock to do Alfie's trail and the 'Epic Base' so we did - rode the new metro - it's amazing - really enjoyable. We had the trails to ourselves for the most part as the rain seemed to dampen peoples appetite for the trails! ha ha! nice one! see u all in 2 weeks

    Enjoy the 1 x Glenn - still you have XT M8000 2 x so the change might be a bit different for you!


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