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Thread: CX Supercross Cup

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    I'm not sure I'd use the word fun ! But definitely felt great once I'd finished �� . 5 laps for the women's. And yes after lap 1 I wondered would I survive. Tried for 3 laps to catch Sarah. Only caught her in the end as she slipped on the last little hump before the upper field. Just about managed to stay in front of her but she was gaining on me all the time for the last lap. But the finish line came just in time - another 100 yards and she would have caught me ! Very tough race - faster than I wanted to go - took a good 2 hours for my face to come back to its normal colour and just about managed to keep everything down at the finish line! Great support from everyone all round the course . It really helped. So many Epic jerseys !

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    Well done all, look like a very tough race. That had to be thw biggest epic turn out for a cx race. Did we win any team prizes, or is that over the whole league?
    Great race to watch, Brendan was doing tail whips and no hands over the humps, like how is that even possible!

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    Tough going on the MTB but just really glad I didn’t come last & that I wasnt Too far behind the real cyclocross girls on real cyclocross bikes & chuffed I didn’t get lapped. I must like pain as going to do the next few on the MTB, nice to be bak in a race again & trying to give it socks even if it doesn’t get me anywhere lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by terenceo View Post
    Sign on for Bike 7 Supercross - Race 1 - Kilternan
    Not many left in B40+,50+
    Sign on for Bike 7 Supercross - Race 2 - Grange Castle
    only 7 places left in B race


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