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Thread: Visiting in September - where to ride?

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    Default Visiting in September - where to ride?

    Hey all,

    I'm visiting your country in September and have negotiated a day off to get some mountain biking in! Was looking for some suggestions on where to go.

    I ride near Boston, MA mostly, which means lots of rocks and roots, techy terrain, etc. "Trail" style. I'm no Enduro or DH rider though - 2 foot drops are about my max. Also brutally out of shape thanks to the 1 year old!

    Anyway, I'm looking for some natural surface, fun trail. Needs to have bike rental nearby. I've been told the Gap, ticknock, or Ballinistoe might do the trick. The gap looks maybe too DH focused. Ballinistoe looks good, but is a 3 hour ride possible there without doing multiple loops? Ballyhoura looked too XC for my tastes (especially with my lack of fitness).

    Any other suggestions?


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    The gap is perfect. Uplift or cycle up. Loads of different levels. More enduro than dh. You could also look up for rental in ticknock. And cycle around to gap. Gap rent as well I think

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    Yeah the gap has a bit of everything, and if you do the pedal up you could fill 3 hours easily. Post when you are over, I'm sure there will be a couple of people heading out that you could tag along with. I'd be happy to show you some trails

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    Default Visiting in September - where to ride?

    Your best bet is Ticknock and the GAP Id say. The GAP is a good mix with the Blue to Red runs offering loads of flowly fun without too much tech or drops. The Black runs are the more natural trail stuff with a few tricky sections but well within the range of most albeit if taken slowly.

    To make it interesting for 3 hours and not ride up the same trail 10 times, Id say youd do well to start off at Ticknock, do the loop there and then head to the GAP, grab a burger and hit the trails there in the I type this Im thinking that would make a good midweek sneaky one...hmmm

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    Thanks for the help folks! Sounds like the Gap is the way to go.


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