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Thread: Da Cooley Thriller 2018

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    Wow!! Well done all. Amazing results.

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    Great day out, if a little wet towards the end. Harder course compared to previous years. A bit more climbing(?).

    Rodney, did you make it round?

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    I only have the energy for a few words and they are ... That was the hardest 50k of my life ! So far .

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilT View Post
    I only have the energy for a few words and they are ... That was the hardest 50k of my life ! So far .
    I second that ! Bunched now.... and I have eaten all the food....
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    Quote Originally Posted by GH-SB75D View Post
    The weather started off great, but soon got dark, wet and windy with low cloud over the hills so tough enough to pedal around that for 4 or 5 hours+
    and 6+ hours some slog

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    Well done everybody
    Glad i couldnt make it!

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    Yep managed to finish, the change in weather and visibility made it a tough slog, someone said the new course was 54k, glad I did it though. thx to those who convinced me to do it. Bloody Strava didn’t work so I have no idea of distance elevation etc.

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    Great days racing and great to see so many of the club out it's some event raw untamed MTB. Windy and rainy towards the end but nothing that you couldn't handle unless this summer's heat wave has turned ye soft.

    Very happy with my race felt good was in the lead group up to the mast and sone how managed to hold on to that but when Robin Colm and Paul put the boot down I could hold the pace. Had a good battle with Ben for about 10km then at 25km I got a burst of energy and could see Ben Garth Dave and a worc ridier infront so decided I'd over take them take Ben with me and then we d catch Doris in the distance kind of worked. Had a good battle with John then tried to shake him and I'm sure he was at the same with me but it took the last few km to separate us. Delighted to finish right up there had a look around at the start and taught I do well to make the top 15. Pity about Paul and Colm snaking in to the bushes I mean taking a wrong turn they were fly and I didn't see them after the mast.

    Well done to all the epic winners and a well done to all who took part I've always got the feeling it's been more about that than the race.

    Chalk it down for next year and rope a friend into it too. It's a great goal if your only to do one race a year I'd recommend this
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    Great club results & event. Missed a left turn but on descent from mast luckily got called backed. Could of been a long climb back up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfie View Post
    Well done everybody
    Glad i couldnt make it!
    Yeah right! Your secretly raging you missed it

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