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Thread: 3 PEAKS CYCLO-CROSS Sunday 30th September 2018

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    Default 3 PEAKS CYCLO-CROSS Sunday 30th September 2018

    Sunday 30th September 2018

    2018 Entries are now open

    The link to Si Entries on the Entries page will remain live from June 1st to June 10th. If you intend to enter or are even interested you must enter before 10th of June o entries accepted after the 10th, this is the only time entries can be made, places are limited you only pay if your lucky to be selected so get entering if interested

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    I entered and was offered a place for this. Havent sat on a bike at all this year. A bit of training required between now and September. Aiming for the thriller as a potentiap comeback event. How'd you get on with the entry for 3 peaks Terry?

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    Yep Ronan have being offered an entry just have to decide now have entered thriller ok might do 8 hour end of Aug as well if heading to peaks

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    Well folks, it is myself. You haven't seen or heard from me since about this time last year. I'm off to Yorkshire in the morning to have another tilt at this race. Preparation has been going ok. I went on the zero to 3 peaks in a month training plan. Bit of a slog, but the body is finally starting to bounce back to some level of fitness, in the last few days anyway. My patented big race "just in time" regime. Terry has dropped out due to socializing commitments, too much partying. Its a solo mission this year. I see Niall Davis as the only other Irish entry on the start list. There's my race plan, stick on Niall's wheel Race report next week....

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    Beet of luck, keep up the reports!

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    Good man Ronan. In it to win it. Best of luck!!!!!

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    Best of luck Ronan just remember to slip off Niall's wheel before the line

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    Good luck Ronan.

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    Must try that training plan, sounds very effective... :-)))) best of luck.

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    so 3 peaks 2018. another one notched up. british train system did their best to balls the trip up, strikes and engineering works. but made it to the start line on sunday morning. in the end, got around the course no major incidents. bike and body all held together. now just another forty something attempts to get into the record books. seriously, two people have done this 45 times each. unbelieveable knowing whats involved to finish. even a mv80 course record. respect to that. similar to last year, the course didn't really bare its teeth. pb's all around chatting afterwards. dry week in the lead up, the peaty bogs were riding fine. this year got around myself a bit quicker and a few places higher. job done. weather was lovely in the valleys. up top it was blowing a gale. some silliness lugging a bike on your shoulder and the wind knocking you sideways. not much gnarly craziness to report. saw a few harmless spills and heard stories of hospital cases. did see some daredevil biking up close on the 3rd hill. as you hike up, riders are bailing down and its hard to look at some of the risky moves. getting air and landing on gravel with skinny-ish tyres. he who dare rodders. that said the descending is a class buzz altogether. and with no suspension the bike spends a fair bit of time off the ground like it or not. you get bashed and battered and hear all these unpleasant metallic noises from the bike and just keep hoping everything holds together. some well earned pints of ale afterwards. made tracks for holyhead. til next year. i'll be taking the car

    Few snaps here


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