Tuesday Loop leaving between 18 and 18:30 depending on your speed.
If anyone is leaving at 18pm or shortly after may be you could show any new people the loop.

Loop is
Ticknock Rd climb up past the Biking.ie cabin.
Kiddies Highway
Toms climb
Euroskeptic and then turn right on to Wicklow Way.
DH Ledgends
R116 to Wicklow Way.
Wicklow Way up to the Bog of Death
Ravens Rock
Bag of chips.
Knocksink woods to Enniskery
Enniskery road back to Lambs or home which ever suites.

Any queries on the route let me know and I'll try and help you out.

This spin is a training loop and is open to anyone that wants to get out and get fit or faster or just for fun.

Post if your going as it may encourage someone how is not sure on the route to get on it.

See you all there.

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