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Thread: Kids Summer Spin Fri 18th May Ticknock 630

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    Default Kids Summer Spin Fri 18th May Ticknock 630

    Hi Everyone

    We are starting the first of the Kids Summer Spins on Fri 18th May in Ticknock. We will meet at Toms as 630. If you are unsure where Toms is try be at the upper barrier at 615 and somebody can guide you.

    These spins are for kids of all ages and abilities. It is all about having a bit of fun and trying to improve their basic bike skills and co-ordination.

    Pushy parents are not welcome!!

    All kids must accompanied by adults, preferably an adult on a bike.
    All kids must have a fully functioning bike that is suitable for the terrain.
    All kids must wear a helmet at all times.
    Stabilisers are not suitable. Balance bikes are fine

    This is an uninsured event organised by the club.

    At this spin we will be collecting money for Keith Greenan's nephew to help with his ongoing care needs. Here is a few lines below from Keith:

    All proceeds go to a Trust Fund for my brother Ciaran's son, Oisin Greenan, now a lovely 7 year old boy, who was born with profound brain injury and suffers with many disabilities including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and scoliosis. He needs a lot of special equipment and therapy sessions, and the HSE only cover so much. Friends established a Trust Fund for Oisin and monies raised to date have, amongst other things, enabled a sensory area to be built for his bedroom, and paid for an 'Eye Gaze' interactive learning / communication centre. He has also been able to attend weekly therapy sessions with a great speech and language therapist and OT team, where he is making progress communicating with his family, and very importantly he can live at home with his family. Despite his disabilities he’s a happy little boy.

    Bobby (keiths sons) and Eoin (little Oisins brother) are regulars at our kids spins. If those few lines above didnt tug at the heart strings then you are dead inside!! It wont hurt anybody to part with E20 for this worthy cause! (and no I wont let anyone away with not donating!!)

    As usual let me know if you guys will be attending.

    Can someone post this one facebook

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    Thanks a mill Caroline for kicking these off
    Daniel will be buzzing

    Great cause too & will be delighted to support

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    thanks, always great fun for the kids, and keeps the grown ups smiling too!

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    Yep, defo be there thanks Caroline

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    hope to be there...

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    i will bring both kids and jellies..

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    That's great Caroline , I hope to bring my two kids to as many as possible .

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    Summer is here. We'll be there. Thanks a mil Caroline. 🚵

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    Andrew loved it, beautiful evening. Thanks for organising Caroline and Alfie. He can't get enough of the forest section. One tired boy tonight, explained to him that every mtb ride begins with a big climb all the way to kiddies highway. He's fecked!

    Nice one see you all next week


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