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Thread: Bank holiday Monday spin- scarr!

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    Chris G, I hope you're Ok after that fall, no broken bones?
    Sur la Plaque!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GH-SB75D View Post
    Chris G, I hope you're Ok after that fall, no broken bones?
    Hopefully not, plenty of bruising on the old ribs. Gave him some tramadol so he's a bit happier. Main thing is the bike's ok.

    Thanks for the brownies Erica!

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    Thanks Erica, that was brilliant! great climb up Scarr, a lovely descent down and then lots of fun trails. As for 'that jump' the less said the better - thank God there were no cameras around! A bit more practice needed :) Thanks for the brownies - even if they were 2 days old!! Hope the ribs are OK Chris. Great morning to be out on the bike - thanks all.

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    If Carlsberg did bank holiday Mondays... great trails, lovely company and coffee and scone to finish off. Thanks all


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