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Thread: Round 2 Results

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    Still picking mud out of my eyes!

    Who needs Cross?!

    Thanks to all, roll on next Thursday....

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    Great stuff there Ladies and Gents!
    I enjoyed my first time there yesterday and as someone 'famous' said ''I'll Be back''


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    Great fun last night. Ive still some way to go to be able for push hard for 4 laps, and I watched Erica, Brendan, and Harri slowly disappear from view.
    Thanks Ben, Richard, Harry, Erica, and DaveM for the timekeeping and handicaps. Well done Ben on squeezing in a good race too.
    It was a major job to wash the mud out last night. Roll on round 3, and maybe even some dryness. Im convincing myself my lap times will be spectacular once the mud goes away.

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    Thanks to EPIC for a great race yesterday - and all the timers Erica, Ben, Harry and Richard. I might be back and you should come to Slade one of these Tuesdays and have some craic/pain (you choose) with IMBRC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootss View Post
    listening to Ben pronouncing irish surnames

    Well may be if you spelled them correctly I'd be able to pronounce them 😮

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    In fairness Ben i think some of them sounded Armenian , or Kazakhstan'ish.

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    great night, delighted with semi respectable times after the torture of last week, the benchmark has been set now, roll on Thursday and thank you Ben, Richard, Harry, Erica. Special thanks to DaveM for handicap adjustment, it meant I did have fourth lap when everyone else was finishing


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