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Thread: Kids Summer Spins

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    Default Kids Summer Spins

    Hi All

    After the success of last year, the Friday evening spins for kids will be resuming soon. The date will be confirmed later.

    This is a great opportunity for kids to improve their coordination and their skills on the bike. We had a great bunch of kids last year and many friends were made.

    It is all about smiles, high-fives, skids and bags of jellies.

    At stages last year we had a fairly big group of kids. So many that we split it into groups.....big kids and small kids. Evan from Team Worc did a great job with the bigger ones.

    We could do with a more advanced age group also for early teenage kids. So I am looking for a parent (or a rotating group of parents) to commit to running a teen spin on a Friday evening in conjunction with what we are doing. I think there are a lot of kids this age who would really benefit from this and it would be great to see some youth getting into the sport and club also.

    To gauge interest and numbers please post up and let me know if you are interested and how many kids you will be bringing......we don't want to run out of haribo!

    All children must be accompanied by an adult, preferably an adult on a bike.
    All children must have a bike in good working order with a proper helmet that fits!
    Stabilisers are not suitable but balance bikes are ok.

    Feel free to share the info with others.



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    One seven year old for me.
    Thanks Caroline, these are great little sessions, really bring on the kids' confidence.

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    I'll be back this year with Laoise (age:5) and Fionn (age:8).
    Brian Crinion

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    Great stuff. Myles is keen. One 5 year old


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    Caroline - thanks a mill, these were the highlight of the summer last year for Daniel

    Looking forward to bringing him back for more (age 5) and hopefully his wee sister Genevieve can join in (age 3) the odd evening later in the summer

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    I'd love to try this out.. I have Oscar(8) and Caoilte(4).. also have a lot of jellies!


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    I'll be bringing my two kids, ciara 10 and Luke 6. Try get most of them this year. It's a great little session.

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    Delighted to hear you’re running it again this year Caroline. It’s great to see the kids building their skills and confidence while having fun each week. Add one eager 7 year old to the list.

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    Going to try and get to these with Harry.

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    I will try to get to as many of these as possible with the older kids, my boys should be good for this and they are aged 12 & 14. There may be a couple of their friends interested also.


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