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Thread: Sat Spin 10th March 2018 Tour of Leadmines

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    should make it also

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    Hallelujah... Amazatastic to be on two wheels again... will take a while to get the mojo back. Thanks guys
    Less Traction = More Action

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    Great spin today, really lovely. Thanks for the great route.

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    Jesus my legs are in bits after that but great to be back on the bike after 4 weeks... Great spin, great gang out, nice club sambo with Terry and Alan afterwards in golden ball... Till next week !

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    Great spin. Legs are dead. That soft ground sucked the life out of me. Mud in my eyes so sore! Hands like pin visions post horse. Great spin. So enjoyable. Starving when I got in. Hilarious interchange with kids at back door, why you so hungry? I’m like give me a banana kid- no I don’t like bananas. Scheesh!

    Had to spray myself with all the mud. Fantastic. Can’t wait till next time!

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    That was a nice warm damp outing surprised to see so many out must have being caused by the cabin fever of be locked up last week end.
    Great to see Oscar back out in the saddle hope to see Erica back soon too .
    Andy hope your back is ok used Niall as a sub replacement when he showed up to keep the numbers up.
    Roll on next weekend

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    Thanks Terry for a great spin ! Slipping and sliding all over the place and lots of great routes. Great gang out too .Absolutely shattered now !

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    great to be out on a daylight spin with lots of people o havnt seen in a long time!
    I was wrecked by the time we got home.

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    What a great spin , fun seeing everyone & enjoyed trying to used to the new bike! Legs in bits & I have to do it all again tmw morning but not complaining one bit as it’s just great to be out on the trails again!

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    Thanks Terry for leading around the Leadmines. It was great to be out on my first spin since the twins arrived 3 weeks ago. Was getting cabin fever.

    Kind cousin of mine offered to help Liba for a few hours so I could get out on a spin.

    Weather wasn't bad at all. Mostly drizzle. Good route and big bunch out. Hate when it ends. Hope I can get out again soon.

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