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Thread: Road racing 2018

  1. Default Road racing 2018

    Tis that time of year again, meant to kick off last weekend but this weekend there is a few races on.

    May head out and do Clonard on Saturday or Boyne on Sunday if the weather is good, oh and I must dust off the race bike too forgot about that.

    Anyone else any plans?

    Oh and I've been on to CI and our numbers and card are on the way and they should be here by the weekend is what I've told so fingers crossed.

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    I might race on Sunday, depending on the weather. CI as slow as ever. They don't even reply to e-mails.

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    Ye shocked they answered the phone. I'll see what the weather hope the numbers arrive tomorrow

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    Skipped clonard today but hope to race boyne tomorrow if the weather is good

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    Well done with finishing 9th today. Good start to the season.

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    Congratulations on your result Chris

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    Fair play Chris - thatís a fast race from memory. Given its proximity to your school, you probably had students giving you guff too

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    Cheers lads had a good race was aggressive and chases a lot in the early laps but them made it into a break of 15 for the last lap and stayed clear to the line. Was juiced come the line as it was flat out the whole was round.
    Hoping to do the Kilmessan GP on Sunday but ill see what the weather does in the meantime. Anyone else?

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    Well done Chris, great result!
    I hope to do a few road races this year as well.
    Will keep u posted on plans


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