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Thread: introduction to Epic MTB Club Spin 09 Dec 2017, 09:00 Kindlestown Wood Car Park

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    Another topper, thanks Harri and Terry for leading the way.

    Broke out the old Trance today seeing as the Tracer is out of action at the moment.

    Felt weird and wasn't handling like I'm used to, but was still good to have it as a backup or I would have missed the spin.

    Brilliant trails and it wasn't too cold in the forest, but out of the forest was bleedin freezin.

    We are getting better as a group at avoiding dog poop too.

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    Thanks Harri & Crew , great day to be out , wonder what spin will win spin of year? I actually happen 2 have two lil cups & 2 medals in my car that Harri & Terry can have on the next Saturday spin as you guys are THE spinmasters & I love yez!

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    Yes thanks Harri that was a great spin with a good crew on such a cold morning. Some of those descents were fantastic - slippy but great fun! Thanks again

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    Cheers Harri for an awesome spin. I always forget how good the trails are in Kindlestown and god. Some new trails for me too which were class😁

    Great gang out too. Spin is up there with spins of the year for me.

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    Another deadly one, thanks Harri. That new steep switch backey trail was brilliant, everyone had big cheesy grins at the bottom! Oh and if oscar wants to know it was a rubbish spin :)

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    Deadly spin, super conditions and apart from almost inadvertently getting a sex change via my saddle, thoroughly enjoyed it! Even got used to the waft of dog sh1t that followed us around after a while - Thanks Harri and all!

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