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Thread: #Stagspin, Saturday 2nd Dec, 9.30, The Coachhouse, Roundwood.

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    Ah I couldn't say no to this!

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    Enjoy tomorrow Ste wont make it as I'm babysitting the youngins.someone shave his eyebrows off.

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    See ya there. Wouldn't want to miss the eye brows shaving :)

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    Enjoy, no car tomorrow and its a 4 hour pedal to Roundwood, would need an ambulance on site for the spin..! see you next week.

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    That was brilliant, you can't beat a hen party timmons spin! Lots of climbing to start, then a bit of whisky (thanks Rory), plenty of mud and craic, and some strange ol brownies to finish! Dave couldn't handle the pace and cycled off home stuffing his face with gels, he'll have to get on the turbo when he gets back to burn off those calories! :) We waited about 9 hours in sugar mountain for a burger, Caroline got pretty hangry, and the guys were close to dying of the hunger, bit of grub and order was restored!
    Enjoy the rest of the stag steve!

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    Ye I was about to hit the roof wit hangriness , nearly ate my hand off! Great spin thanks a mill stevo , have a great night !

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    Deadly spin with a nip of whiskey to take the chill out. Steve managed to stay ahead of the sheers for the day- his luck is sure to run out later. Good climbs and better descents. Admittedly, spinning out from the house on the xc bike and race tyres �� was a tad ambitious... my toes were frozen by the time I got home ��⛄️⛄️⛄️ Skipped the gels in preference for Coffee.

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    Great spin this morning nice loop navigated by Steve. Good to be back on a spin haven't been for a while. It had every thing from whiskey to Big Vinnie . Food to a while alright but it was tasty. Enjoy the rest of the evening Steve.

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    Whoop, I'm still alive! Can't beat leading a spin with a pink tiara and frilly tie on, good for the ego, thanks erica! Great bit of craic and the descent outside the forest in Ballinastoe was unreal, everyone was buzzing after that. Rory's hip flask full of whiskey was class, tasty stuff before we descended the mucky stage 5. Thanks for coming out folks, great start to a fab weekend.
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