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Thread: #Stagspin, Saturday 2nd Dec, 9.30, The Coachhouse, Roundwood.

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    Default #Stagspin, Saturday 2nd Dec, 9.30, The Coachhouse, Roundwood.

    What better way to prepare for my afternoon and night of stag debauchery than a pre stag spin, nothing too wild, don't want to end up in A and E before my stag! Ladies/ lap dancers welcome. I will expect a beer and/or a shot at the end of the spin. If anyone from Harry's intro spins is interested in coming just pm me or ask here and I'll check with Harry to see if it suits you.
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    Ahhh deadly ill bring the shaver to shave off your eyebrows and give you a Mohawk.

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    sounds brilliant Steve! I'll be away with work, but as ever your spins are classics this one will be one not to be missed
    and congratulations! enjoy the madness and the wedding too! haha!

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    Looking forward to spin and a few Babychams

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    Yep I'm on for this.

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    Ok I’ll post it on ladies who shred so , u never know seen as it’s ur stag u might get an MTB saddle dance from d ladies! Ah we’ll have the crack , see u there bride to be stevo lol

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    Hey I’ve posted it up on ladies who shred so maybe a few along , not sure I can make it now, skidded just as I got to work this morning, cut my knee up bad and hit my face swollen lip, going home to chill for the day, if I’m there I’m there : ( have a great stag spin & stag stevo !

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    Weather is to be a few degrees warmer tomorrow, it's going to be tropic!
    The rider previously known as Stevo

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    Can't make tomorrow due to work, have a good one.


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