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Thread: Epic Club intro spin Sat 18 Nov 2017. 09:00 Lady of the wayside church Kiltiernan

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    I didn't see your message Terry or I would have brought my spare helmet. Lucky that Caroline Mc had her spare full face helmet to lend Rory. He did really well considering the bike he was on with narrow slick tyres like on a cx bike.

    What a brilliant spin, it had it all. It wasn't easy either. Plenty of climbing. Great route Harri.

    There was a big group, 12 people. Not one puncture and only one minor mechanical.

    The leadmines are brilliant and especially when the weather isn't the best but it turned out to be a grand day.

    Well done guys. See you on the next one.

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    Great spin Hari! Thanks for leading it - as ever good practice for me and great to se new trails, thanks!

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    Cheers alzer

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    wow great spin, well done to the new people - big effort (my Garmin had 32Km and 735m climbing - I did cycle up though)
    great fun and the weather got better and better bit slippy in parts but everyone just kept going, great fun and good to see some faces that we haven't seen in a while, good to have Juan back after his 33,000m of climbing adventure in Spain (holy cow). great bunch.

    well done all, see you all next week!

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    Thanks Harri brilliant spin , run to precision as always. Deadly crack trying to chase u and Alan all over the leadmines , got my adrenalin fix until Wednesday eve , cheers all !

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    Thanks for today Harri, great spin. Looking forward to next week!

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    What can I say, high 5s and skids galore! Well plenty of skids for me anyway what with no front break and all that 😂. Really enjoyed being back out on a Saturday spin and a great route too. Cheers Harri and gang, see yall next week

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    Thanks Harri, fantastic spin today. Great gang out and it was good to see some new faces. Everyone was flying.

    I hope to be there next week.

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    Good spin - everyone was well able for it- "bangers" in the making - hope to see you out again
    Thanks Harri for playing dad for the day

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    Iz dont mind sprintin but I hate dat

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    Thanks Harri! My pleasure. It was a great spin. Good pace and a bit of all kind of terrains.


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