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Thread: Navan CX - Sunday 8th October

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    Default Navan CX - Sunday 8th October

    Any lifts going to Navan on Sunday? Planning on doing the B race at 1215pm

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    I'm heading up Ronan and reckon at this stage I'll not have the kids etc. So could offer a lift.

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    Best of luck lads!!

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    Sound. I'll pm on my mobile. We can talk fri/sat & see how we're fixed

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    Sure come along Chris.

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    Signed up for this too. Just can't get enough cross !

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    Hope to get to this application in for day release in

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    Might pop over on the road bike for a look!!

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    Lady Dixon for me and the return of carnage corner!

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    Well, all the epic heads flying today. Myself, couldn't keep up with anyone. Brutally hard course. Majorly energy sapping on the legs. Terry o'neill is getting faster and faster. Whats the secret Terry?


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