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    Hi Everyone,
    My name's Ruairi and I'm a fresher in UCD, doing Arts, and a Dublin local. For about the past year I
    have been looking to buy a full suspension MTB, riding a sketchy old hardtail as hard as I can anywhere I can.
    Been down just about every GE and NPS trail around, with varying degrees of success.
    In short, I really need a full suss. About this time last year I almost bought one
    of those Boardman Team FS's from Halfords, but that fell through. On refection, those
    bikes just aren't quite what I'm after. One major issue. As you may expect, and with
    no surprise, I have mimnimal money. The plan is to crack into the Communion savings
    to buy something second hand. I have trawled through Buy and Sell MTB Ireland on Facebook,
    watched the buy and sell sections on Forums like a hawk, and almost planned a trip to
    the UK to buy a Commencal from Pinkbike. But nothing. Of course I can gawk over those Giant's on here but that's unrealistic.
    My request but also question is what do people have lying around that they have considered selling. I'll throw in as
    much money as I can spare, around €800 (can be less of course ), but am also willing to do other odd jobs
    to get a bike. Not sure what people are looking for, but I could be anything from a
    trail guide in the Dublin hills from my orienteering experience to a lawn mower or
    a grinds teacher. I know this is a little bit of a sob story, but I'm just super keen.
    I'd appreciate any help or advice,

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    I think you should join the club.......just saying!

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    Seeing that you are from Rathfarnham, just call into Expert Cycles and have a chat with Alfie, Robin or Scott. Somewhere around midday is usually good, they are to busy in the morning and late afternoon.
    The man who's name you'd love to touch

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    Ruairi , check your mail

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