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Thread: Bike trailer/stroller wanted

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    Default Bike trailer/stroller wanted

    Hi folks, looking at getting a bike trailer/stroller for towing the kids around. Any advice or anything second hand for sale? Thule look the business but crazy money. Halfords look a bit basic, might not last as I plan to cycle a bit on fireroads. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

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    Hi Muiris. myself and Alfie have one that we are selling. It's a giant pea pod. a 2 seater one. I will tell Alfie to get in touch with you

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    The peapod is a brilliant little trailer and you can get a third wheel and brake option if you are into jogging behind it. Sold loads of them and only ever had one back in the shop for repairs after baggage handlers mangled it.

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    Cheers Gary


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