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Thread: Royal Canal Greenways

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    Default Royal Canal Greenways

    Hey, has anyone any info or advice on cycling the Royal Canal or the Grand Canal Greenways? They're both on my bucket list this year and look like they'd be nice to do.

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    Ah Jasus, 99% of the club is living in Dublin, surely someone has info on this!

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    Afraid not, my experience is limited to the section from town to Clondalkin on my commute. Colourful at times.

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    I haven't done much but I can tell you what I know:

    Grand Canal: I have done this canal up from Dublin for 40-50k. Asphalt for a while and around 20-30 k from Dublin gravel. I had some problems with locals in the area between Rialto Dolphin burns. (glasses everywhere and they through us stones and empty cans).

    Royal Canal: done up to Maynooth from Dublin. Asphalt til Clonsilla. Around Leixlip mainly narrow track on grass. And from there gravel to Maynooth.

    All rideable.
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    so enduro

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    You had me at asphalt..

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    Steve noissues riding canals all well sign posted for when to change sides have being down most of the way on both if your looking to get both in one go a lot of people head down the grand up to the royal and back can be done in 2 long days or more enjoyable in 3 if you google grand canal way and royal canal way should get all thr info on routes and distance
    best book is tows paths of ireland has all the canal river tows paths in cluded pre dates green ways
    the most boring pieces are in and out of dublin then again may appeal to the rural types looking for a change of sceneory
    if they are on your list get riding soon as one of the joys is riding on the grass banks where the powers that be at moment believe this should all be removed and surfaced
    for me the best bits are where it heads out across long sections of bog land as the path is above the the surrounding land the sense of space with 360 degree panaramoic view and hugh sky are the most memorable
    Asto bike to ride any bike will do full sus just lock shock road bike fitt fat tyres for comfort personaly I found the cx bike perfct
    other issues bring food and drink plenty as getting feed is a bit of an issue between large centres
    if you have any pesific questions give me shout
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    Nice one Terry, cheers for that!

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    I've done the Grand Canal twice, from Portobello to Shannon Harbour. The last time was last Novemeber, but I wouldn't recommend doing it that late in the year, the ground is too soft and it gets dark too early. It took almost two hours longer by going later in the year. There's not too much prep needed, but a few things to consider,
    - The canal spits at Robertstown, you want to go right. Left is for the Barrow line.
    - Roberstown is also one of the few places to stop for supplies.
    - Decide what average speed you need to attain in order to make in on time and try to stick to it.
    - No need for a full suss, hardtail is fine.
    - There's some amazing scenery, but there's not much time to enjoy it, have to keep moving.

    Here's the Strava from the last time,

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    Brilliant, nice to see it on strava, thanks Kieran! Anyone have the Royal Canal one on strava?

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