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Thread: Three peaks cx - 2017

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    Default Three peaks cx - 2017

    Any takers to emulate the success of Terry from last year?

    Pre-entries are open now

    Am sticking my name down for it

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    I think the XC Marathon Champs are on the same day.

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    Anybody interested in this event should note if you have any interest you have to apply now as the windows is only open for 10 days from the 1st June so the clock is counting down you only pay fee if your entry is successful event is limited to I think about 650 entries and is always over subscribed.
    All you need to know is on the site
    or google 3peaks cx and you will get more info videos reports etc
    If you have any questions queries just give myself a shout
    and yes I have reapplied for this year now that I done a practice lap last year

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    Well folks, myself and club legend Terry "the beard" are off to Yorkshire this weekend for a bit craziness on a bike. Terry's been over there a couple a weeks already, mapping out every stone on the course. Sail n' rail myself saturday morning. Race report coming Monday...

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    Best of luck, hope the weather is kind to you.

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    Deadly, best of luck!

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    Best of Luck !!!

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    the very best of luck, you pair of total legends!
    enjoy the local ale after -you lads will truly deserve it!

    fingers crossed for ye!

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    Have a great time lads. Enjoy

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    good luck lads... it (and you) will be epic.


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