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Thread: Mourne PSYCLE 8

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    What a day ! Brilliant to get to spend the day hanging out with the crew in the pit area and thanks to Chris and Paul for bringing the pop up tent as it was a God send in that scorching sun. It was a very social day with a splash of madness thrown in between laps trying to eat, drink, rest and try figure out how we were doing. A bit more training needed for me for the next one instead of just out fluting around riding the bike. I knew we were cutting it fine on the last lap when I seen the marshals starting to take down some of the trail tape I was thinking dont make a b#lls of it and end up parked in a tree so I backed off and tried to ride steady and smooth, it was cool to ride the last lap in with Gary who was still flying on the singletrack considering he was on the bike solo for the 8hrs. The last few minutes when all the gang were waiting to see if there team mates would complete that last lap was brilliant. What can I say about Terry I am not even sure he is human anymore, some machine! Thanks everybody involved for making it a class day and big shout out Erica for teaming up with me for the day and as usual was super consitant and flying on the bike, thanks missus..

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    well done all - fantastic achievements - amazing results

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    Deadly weekend in deed great Craic camping out Friday with Oisin and Paul. Followed by the garmin showing 20deg at 8 O clock. Pace was fast from the start not much between me/Oz and Paul/John with Oisin lurking just behind. Had a crash at the end of the 3rd lap cut myself to shite and covered in gravel rash but thankfully Oz stepped up did a couple of laps while I got cleaned up and then we continued to close the gap Paul and John got from my crash. Then on my last lap I punchered sliced tfe side wall out of nowhere had an awful job fixing it and lost a load of time which relegated us to 3rd place sorry about that oz. Had a fair bit of bad luck but it was still a very enjoyable day on the bike great event and a great crew to have the Craic with. Well to all on tge results there were all deadly. Fair play to Terry and Gary doing the 8hr. Gary left noting out there he was a broken man after it i was thinking was he safe to drive home some work Gary.

    Sure we'll have to do another or the same one again I think cheers all


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