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Thread: Gorey 3 Day 2017 - Stage 3 (not)

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    Default Gorey 3 Day 2017 - Stage 3 (not)

    there i was scoffing down easter eggs last. happy with a decent shift done in the gorey. going off on holidays this week, head was already in beach cafe mode, sipping green wine. then i see the lads post on the forum about the possibility of doing the final stage of the race. just contact the commisaire. ok, few mails and messages off to the organisers. best reply i could get back was to come talk to commisaire. not that easy when you're already back in dublin. decided to chance my arm and head down on the 850am bus. worst case scenario, they say no and could spin home. longish recovery spin? well, they said no. something about insurance and not being like previous years. said they didn't want us lads hanging about the back of the group today. in fairness, thats proabably where i would've been! pedalled home muttering about race organisers. got lost a bit and rode on the n11. can't understand why anyone cycles in the hard shoulder of that road, its awful.
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    Fair balls for giving it a lash Ronan
    Less Traction = More Action

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    Great determination shown by yourself Ronan by getting on a bus and heading down to try to race the last stage.
    You did yourself and the club proud by racing in the Gorey,hard graft that will stand to you over the racing season,both MTB and on the road.
    Rigid Micky!! :)

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    It was worth a shot, fairplay Ronan.

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    Deadly stuff Ronan

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    well done Ronan


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